In brief

Project start

2021- in progress

Implementation time\

From 12.2022 – production phase

Cloud partner

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

Territorial range

Saudi Arabia


Our goal was to set up the main transaction system for a Sharia-compliant digital bank.


D360 Bank is a new digital bank that has been approved by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA). The bank is being built by Derayah Financial Company, a leader in digital retail investments in Saudi Arabia. The main investor in D360 is the Public Investment Fund (PIF), a Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund known for its spectacular investments made in partnership with Softbank.

Customer story

D360 Bank is a shariah-compliant digital bank that aims to provide the best financial experience in the Kingdom. D360’ founders’ vision was to reinvent finance through innovation & technology making it convenient, accessible & fair to all.

Solution (scope)

Full functional scope BOS implementation, combined with the development of the Shariah part of the system.


The project is being prepared for commercial launch, the client has the necessary baking licences and in December 2022, the bank entered the production phase.